MPower Program

What is the MPower Program?

MPower is designed to assist families with adolescents (ages 14–19) who might benefit from a Health Promotion program.

This program will focus on enhancing student's:

  • Personal Strengths
  • Social Support
  • Coping with Stress
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication

The MPower program will provide parents with information pertaining to adolescent brain development, effective communication, stress management, parenting tools, and mental health resources

What will happen if I decide to participate?

  • Parent and teen each complete 3 questionnaires, occurring at intake, after the intervention (noted below), and at 6-months post-intake. Each questionnaire takes 45-60 minutes.
  • Some teen/parent pairs will receive 4 sessions of individual and family therapy 7-10 days apart (if assigned to Group 1)
  • Other teen/parent pairs will receive a 1-session educational meeting with the adolescent only (if assigned to Group 2)
  • Group assignment (1 or 2) will rotate by school semester
  • Parents and adolescents will receive a $50 Target gift card for each of the 3 assessments completed (+ a $50 bonus Target card if they complete all 3 assessments) - $200 total
  • No cost to participate
  • Parents in both groups receive a unique parenting manual

Where will this program take place?

Parent assessments can be completed over the phone. Adolescent assessments AND the intervention sessions will be completed in person at school or other public place near you.

Study team

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Study status

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Who Can Participate?

  • 14-19 year olds who use substances at a mild to moderate level and/or have mild to moderate mental health concerns AND their parent

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