Healthy Adults: Study on Decision-Making

What is the study?

The University of Minnesota is seeking adults who have never had an eating disorder to participate in a study examining how individuals with anorexia nervosa compare to other adults on decision-making on a computer task that involves watching Internet video clips.

Who can participate?

Healthy adults who have never had an eating disorder.

What will happen if I decide to participate?

Participants will complete questionnaires and a brief clinical interview about eating habits, other psychological experiences, and personality traits, will have height and weight measured, and will participate in a computer task. The study will be completed in one visit that will take 2 to 2.5 hours. Participants will be compensated $30 for their time.

Study team

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Study status

Enrolling participants

Who can participate?

  • healthy adults
  • who have never had an eating disorder

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