Did you know that mental illness is the leading cause of disability?

The mental health research conducted within the Department of Psychiatry aspires to improve and discover effective treatments and interventions to alleviate the suffering of mental illness. That’s why it is essential to continue to concentrate our research efforts in the areas of:

  • Neuroscience – understanding what goes wrong in the brain in mental illness.
  • Behavioral science – understanding the human action and behavior in society.
  • Genetics – the makeup and phenomena of a human being.

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Research ethics at the University of Minnesota
We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work. Our committment to research ethics


Sarah Coleman

As Clinical Research Advocate, Sarah serves as an independent liaison between patients, clinicians and researchers in the Psychiatry Department. She is available to describe the research process for potential participants, facilitate communication between participants and all members of the research team, and ensure the ethical treatment of participants. Sarah works to support a pleasant and convenient research participation experience. For any questions or concerns regarding research participation, please contact Sarah via phone or e-mail.