Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

Adjunct or Affiliate?

Adjunct faculty are primarily providers who work in non-affiliated hospitals and clinics in the community. Many adjunct faculty are in a private practice setting. Some adjunct faculty have a primary appointment in another department at the University of Minnesota or another institution and are collaborating on a research project or program. Adjunct faculty members are promoted on different criteria from affiliate/regular faculty in view of their focus on patient care, education, or research.

Affiliate faculty are those who provide teaching opportunities in hospitals and clinics directly affiliated with the University of Minnesota, including Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), Regions Hospital, PrairieCare, Fairview and the Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center. Many, but not all, affiliate faculty are employed by affiliated hospitals and clinics. Affiliate faculty members are promoted in a similar fashion to regular faculty, including review by the Promotion and Tenure Committee within the Department of Psychiatry.

Appointment Criteria

Adjunct and Affiliate without-salary appointment Criteria

Adjunct Without-Salary Appointment Requests Require:

  • A current CV of the candidate (template)
  • Letters of reference (3)
  • Teaching Statement

Affiliate Without-Salary Appointment Requests Require:


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