Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

The University of Minnesota Fellowship Training Program in Forensic Psychiatry is a 12 month full time program that is focused on developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes leading to proficiency in the following domains:

  • Provision of psychiatric expertise in legal matters
  • Systems issues involved in mental health care delivery to forensic populations
  • Legal regulation of psychiatric practice

The program is sponsored by the University of Minnesota with support from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

About the Program

Forensic psychiatry focuses on interrelationships between psychiatry and the law (civil, criminal, and administrative), including the psychiatric evaluation of individuals involved with the legal system, or consultations on behalf of the third parties such as employers or insurance companies; the specialized psychiatric treatment required by those who have been incarcerated in jails, prisons, or special forensic psychiatric hospitals; active involvement in the area of legal regulation of general psychiatric practice; and, related education and research efforts.

Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program Manual

Didactics, Seminars and Conferences

Fellows will have protected time to attend scheduled didactics for 6 to 7 hours each week. A brief summary of the fellowship curriculum is provided below:

  • Clinical Case Conference: This is a weekly conference. The focus of this conference will be the clinical practice of Forensic Psychiatry. Each week one fellow will present an ongoing case for a faculty and peer case discussion.
  • Forensic Core Curriculum: This year round lecture series will cover all the core topics in the theory and practice of forensic psychiatry. Fellows will be provided with a detailed schedule at the beginning of the training year.
  • Landmark Cases Class: This will be a weekly class focused on Landmark cases in Mental Health Law. This will be taught by the Honorable Judge Jay Quam.
  • Research and Scholarship Seminar: In this weekly seminar residents will develop skills to review medical and legal literature in forensic psychiatry, enhance their report writing skills, explore the theoretical and practical foundations of mental health law and contribute to literature in forensic psychiatry. All fellows will develop and execute research projects that will be presented towards the end of the training year. Fellows will be provided encouragement and support for publication of their research.
  • Legal Digest Seminar: In this session fellows will familiarize themselves with new legal opinions from state courts and federal courts where issues pertaining to forensic psychiatry are the primary focus.
  • Grand Rounds at the University of Minnesota: Faculty at the Department of Psychiatry organizes grand rounds on a weekly basis which are presented by prominent department faculty and guest speakers. This will be attended by the fellows on an elective basis.
  • Didactics at the University of Minnesota Law School: The program has collaborated with the University of Minnesota Law School’s Centre for New Americans. As part of this collaboration fellows will attend a select set of didactics and classes with law students that have relevance to forensic psychiatric evaluations in the immigration setting.


Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

The program will provide funding to all fellows to attend the annual meeting of AAPL during their training year. This will cover travel, meals, accommodation and registration expenses.

Fellowship Director

Chinmoy Gulrajani

Chinmoy Gulrajani, MBBS, DFAPA

Contact Us

Chinmoy Gulrajani, MBBS, DFAPA
Director, Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

Serena Sherrell
Fellowship Coordinator
Fax: 612-273-9779