The goal of our training programs is to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a physician to sensitively meet the needs of our patients and the various disciplines we serve.  

Effective psychiatric practice requires a thorough grounding in both knowledge and clinical skills.  Learners are encouraged to critically examine contemporary assumptions about the causes of behavior, as well as our methods of diagnosis and treatment. The University of Minnesota offers an opportunity to study with a knowledgeable faculty dedicated to excellence in patient care and scholarship.

Medical Students

Students in discussion

The Department of Psychiatry offers courses, externships and other opportunities for current medical students. 


Resident discussion

The adult psychiatry training at the University of Minnesota is a traditional four-year program grounded in the medical identity of psychiatry and emphasizing the interplay of heredity and experience in producing mental disorders. 

Psychiatric Clinical Skills Evaluation (CSE)


Fellow in family therapy session

The Department of Psychiatry offers six fellowship programs:

  • Addiction Psychiatry Fellowhship
  • Addiction Medicine Fellowship
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship
  • Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship
  • Geriatric Fellowship