Women's Wellbeing Program

The Women's Wellbeing Program provides reproductively-informed mental health treatment in a multidisciplinary team model. Partners/support members are encouraged to come to appointments and our clinic is family and child friendly. 

Our Services

You will complete a 2-visit intake process at which point your team would make treatment recommendations, which might include therapy, lifestyle modifications, medication, or a combination of these. Following this initial intake appointment, the WWBP will continue to see you for psychotherapy up to one year postpartum or as long as your reproductive need requires. If you are still experiencing symptoms after 1 year postpartum, your team would work with you to transfer your care to a longer-term treatment clinic or back to your previous outpatient provider. In addition, the WWBP will work in consultation with your obstetric and/or psychiatric providers to make additional medication recommendations if needed.


  • Women ages 18 or older
  • Pregnant or up to 1 year postpartum and experiencing anxiety, depression, or eating disorder symptoms
  • Planning to get pregnant within the next year and concerned about mental health
  • Recent pregnancy loss
  • Has a PCP/OB-GYN or willing to obtain one
  • Not highly acute (not needing higher level of care)

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations last approximately 2-3 hours and include the following:

  • Clinical interviews
  • Review of records
  • Completion of cognitive testing and questionnaires to assess specific strengths and problem areas

Women are given in-person feedback regarding diagnoses and suggested treatment plan. Treatment recommendations may include referrals to our programs or to another professional.


The psychotherapy provided in the program is guided by evidence-based principles. It involves providing education about the diagnoses as well as teaching women skills to cope with their emotions. Therapists provide individual cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy. Therapy is conducted by our faculty, as well as advanced psychology practicum students, interns, and postdoctoral fellows who work under the supervision of faculty.

Medication Consultation

To create timely access for new patients, we offer a reproductively-informed, medication consultation to patients and their primary providers with the goal of empowering women and their families to make a well-informed risk/benefit decision regarding treatment interventions. This consult will provide evidence-based information about the use of psychiatric medications as well as the effects of untreated or undertreated maternal psychiatric illness in the perinatal period. If a partnership is reached to utilize medications in the perinatal period, one additional follow-up appointment will be offered, 4 weeks from the initial consult to monitor any medication interventions. After this one-time follow-up, the WWBP team will assist the patient in transferring care back to their primary care provider, obstetric provider, or an alternative psychiatric provider for ongoing medication management.


On-site professional pharmacists are available to provide MTM (Medication Therapy Management) and genetic testing to assess metabolism of psychiatric medications.

mom and baby



Emily Pisetsky, PhD, LP
Kristina Reigstad, PsyD, LP
Katie Thorsness, MD

Psychiatry, psychology, and other learners are included in our treatment team.

Referrals and Questions

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Intake at (612) 273-8710. 

Clinic hours

M – F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
Evening hours only available as arranged by your provider 

Clinic address

Suite F-275, 2nd Floor, West Building
2450 Riverside Avenue 
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Map and directions 

After clinic hours and emergencies

Emergency services are provided 24 hours a day for current clients:

Call 612-672-6600 and ask for the psychiatry resident on call

Call 612-672-6402 (Emergency Department)