Discovery Programs & Specialty Care

Early Childhood Program

toddler girl

Provides services to young children (0-8) and their families both in the clinic setting and  in community-based settings.

Trauma-Focused CBT for Children & Adolescents

child looking out a window

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based approach to the treatment of youths who have experienced trauma.

Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders

student sitting on playground

We offer diagnostic evaluation, outpatient therapy and medication management for children who struggle with stress, anxiety and trauma.

Child & Adolescent Mood Disorders


Clinical services for children and adolescents experiencing difficulties with feelings of sadness, depression, or irritability.

SUDz Program

group of teens

Providing comprehensive, outpatient services for families with an adolescent who is experiencing problems related to substance use.

Emergent OBOT Program

group of young adults

Office-based opioid treatment with buprenorphine for emerging adults

Neuropsychology Assessments


This program provides evaluations for a variety of concerns including neurodevelopmental disorders, brain injury, toxic exposure (alcohol, lead), psychotic disorders, and learning difficulties.

Youth Psychosis Program

group of preteen students

The primary focus of this clinic is for the assessment and treatment of youth 16 and under who may be experiencing psychosis.

First Episode Psychosis: Strengths Program

four teen girls sitting on lawn

Our First Episode of Psychosis program helps individuals who have recently experienced the first onset of psychotic symptoms. We work with individuals and their families to grow in understanding their illness and to develop skills that can help them live healthier and happier lives.

First Episode: NAVIGATE Program

teen girl with headphones

NAVIGATE is a clinically proven, manualized, team-based treatment method for recovery after an initial schizophrenia episode.

Rapid Access Brief Treatment (RABT)

psychologist with client

Rapid Access Brief Treatment provides access to mental health services within two weeks of the request for care. Rapid access will be maintained by using a brief treatment model, with a multidisciplinary team, and will last no longer than three months.