Tegan Batres y Carr

Research Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

Tegan Batres y Carr

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Office Phone 612-624-0191

Research Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

BA, Psychology, University of Minnesota

BA, Anthropology, University of Minnesota


Tegan joined the Department of Psychiatry October of 2016 as the full-time coordinator of the Bipolar Lab. Prior to this she spent 3 years in the Psychiatry Clinics and Center for Chronic Disease Outcome Research at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. Her research experience ranges widely within the areas of child and adult neuroscience, cognitive science, and adult psychiatry, but is most heavily weighted in addiction psychiatry and mood disorders. In addition to coordinating the Bipolar Lab, Tegan researches opioid use disorder and methadone toxicity.

A former student of anthropology, emphasizing linguistics, Tegan is also interested in cross-cultural differences in psychiatric experiences and treatment, and the language used to conceptualize such experiences.



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Batres-y-Carr, Tegan; Zadini, Maximiliano; Albott, C. Sophia; Fleming, Cassandra; Thuras, Paul; Shiroma, Paulo. Randomized, double-blind, placebo control study of a single versus repeated intravenous sub-anesthetic ketamine treatment in refractory depression: preliminary data. 2016. Presented at VA Research Day, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Minnesota, May, 2016.

Westermeyer, Joseph; Adabag, Selcuk; Anand, Vidhu; Thuras, Paul; Yoon, Gihyun; Batres-y-Carr, Tegan. 2016. Methadone maintenance dose/weight ratio, long QTc, and EKG screening. The American Journal on Addictions 25.6: 499-507 doi: 10.1111/ajad.12423

Westermeyer, Joseph; Dickmann, Patricia; Batres-y-Carr, Tegan. Opioid use disorder & methadone treatment for Minnesota veterans: alternatives & challenges. Presented at Grand Rounds, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Minnesota, November, 2015.

Westermeyer, Joseph; Lee, Kathryn; Batres-y-Carr, Tegan. 2015. Housing First/HUD-VASH: importance, flaws, and potential for transformation: response to commentary. The Journal of nervous and mental disease 203.7: 563-567.

Westermeyer, Joseph; Lee, Kathryn; Batres-y-Carr, Tegan; Thuras, Paul. Methadone maintenance therapy: toxic blood levels & prolonged QT. Presented at annual meeting of American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, Florida, 2014.

Westermeyer, Joseph; Yoon, Gihyun; Thuras, Paul; Batres-y-Carr, Tegan; Dickmann, Patricia. Pharmacotherapy in methadone maintenance therapy: clinical utility of peak-trough blood levels. Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment 15.4: 157-164. doi: 10.1097/ADT.0000000000000093.