Jessica Arend

Research Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

Research Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

BA, Psychology, Bethel University


Jessica Arend is the research coordinator for the Personalized Treatment of Adolescent Depression (PTAD) Lab under Dr. Meredith Gunlicks-Stoessel. She has previously worked as project coordinator for the Early Life Stress, Growth, and Metabolism Health study under Dr. Megan Gunnar (Gunnar Lab, UMN) and as a research assistant for the School Success in Motion study under Dr. Ann Masten (Project Competence Research on Risk and Resilience, UMN).

Awards & Recognition

  • 2017 – Webster C. Muck Departmental Award, Bethel University
  • 2017 – Summa cum laude, Bethel University


Research Summary/Interests

Arend’s research interests revolve around developmental psychopathology, in which disordered thought and behavior are conceptualized as maladaptative forms of normal development. Arend is particularly interested in exploring the plasticity hypothesis as evident among at-risk populations.