Leadership Team


Sophia Vinogradov, MD, Professor and Head

Jeremy Marshall, Director, Clinical Neuroscience Administrative Center (CNC)

Leslie Bonnell, Administrative Manager, Department of Psychiatry


Katharine J. Nelson, MD, Vice Chair for Education

The goal of our training programs is to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a physician to sensitively meet the needs of our patients and the various disciplines we serve.  Effective psychiatric practice requires a thorough grounding in both knowledge and clinical skills.  Learners are encouraged to critically examine contemporary assumptions about the causes of behavior, as well as our methods of diagnosis and treatment. The University of Minnesota offers an opportunity to study with a knowledgeable faculty dedicated to excellence in patient care and scholarship.

Patient Care

Ziad Nahas, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

The goal of our clinical programs is to bring world-class expertise to our daily interactions with patients, families, and all those affected by mental illness. This expertise extends to designs of systems of care across inpatient, outpatient, and transitional care settings. We are honored that patients and families choose us to care for them, and embrace this responsibility. We aim to provide psychiatric and psychological care of the highest standard, to those with even the most complex of illnesses, in a manner strives to best enhance the lived experience of our patients.

Deanna Bass, MD, Medical Director of Outpatient Services

Alexandra Zagoloff, PhD, LP, Program Director for Outpatient Services


Kelvin O. Lim, MD, Vice Chair for Research

Research is key in order to advance our understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders.  The department conducts a wide range of research from bench to bedside studies.  Areas of research include addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and psychotic disorders.  Through consultation with experts, we endeavor to continually advance best practices to safely carry out our research studies in an ethical manner.  Opportunities exist for students and residents to participate in research projects to gain research experience.  

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Kathryn R. Cullen, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Division Head

The vision for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Division is to foster health and resilience in all children. Our mission is to be leaders in children’s mental health by instilling hope through innovative and compassionate clinical care, education and research.

Division of Academic and Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Wozniak, PhD, LP, Academic and Clinical Psychology Division Director