• The Mind Deconstructed: Mental Health and Wellness with Dr. Kaz and George

    Dr. Kaz Nelson is a psychiatrist at the University of Minnesota on a mission to translate the often complex field of psychiatry to plain language. George (her brother) provides his unique perspective, commentary and serves as podcast host.

    Is depression real?
    What are some of the underlying drivers of suicide?
    How come no one ever talks about borderline personality disorder?

  • Residents and Fellows Present Posters at AAP annual meeting

    Psychiatry faculty, residents, and fellows attended the Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP) annual meeting in Milwaukee from September 5-8, 2018. The theme of this year's meeting was "The Educator's Compass: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Academic Psychiatry". Topics included resident wellness, teaching medical students, interviewing patients and using film as a teaching tool in psychiatry.

    Links to the posters are available at Learner Experience - AAP annual meeting 2018


Department Mission

We are an academic Department of Psychiatry in a land-grant university, supported by our fellow Minnesotans. As such, we have been entrusted to:

  • Create and disseminate new knowledge in the science of mental health
  • Provide effective and innovative clinical care programs to alleviate the suffering of mental illness
  • Train the next generation of experts who will be leaders in Minnesota and beyond

Department Vision

Our research and educational expertise will bring brain and behavioral science to clinical care, will transform our field, and will have a national and an international impact.


Researchers looking at brain scans

We perform high impact, ethical research that elucidates biological and psychological mechanisms underlying mental illness. We use that understanding to develop highly innovative and personalized prevention and treatment approaches.

Clinical Services

Young patient in counseling session

We provide innovative and effective inpatient and outpatient clinical care as a base for teaching medical students, residents, and trainees from multiple disciplines. We focus on access to our expert care through our Rapid Access and Brief Treatment programs and enhanced Integrated Care activities. We also offer highly expert specialized interdisciplinary teams within a Discovery Clinic model.



Medical student and faculty supervisor

We are dedicated to training the next generation of experts for Minnesota and beyond. We aim to give learners at all levels the tools to be prepared for upcoming science-informed disruptions in how we understand and treat mental illness.