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Mood Disorders Research

Current Studies

Adolescent Bipolar Disorder Study

Parents and adolescents with bipolar disorder diagnosis: Adolescent research participants with a bipolar disorders diagnosis (e.g., bipolar I, bipolar II, bipolar NOS, or cyclothymia diagnoses) needed to participate in a study on neurobehavioral development in Department of Psychology at University of Minnesota. The study involves behavioral testing, MRI scan, EEG, and questionnaires assessment. Must be age 13 to 18, right handed, native English speaker, and have a diagnosis of a bipolar disorder. Participants will be reimbursed for participation through cash payment.

For additional information please call (612) 624-4054 or email surosevi@umn.edu.

Adolescent Depression Study

If you think you have depression or anxiety and are 12 to 18 years of age, you may be eligible to participate. The study includes a clinical interview, questionnaires, and physiological measurements. May include an MRI. Feedback & payment provided.

For more information, please call 612-626-7886.

Adolescent Depression Treatment Study

Is your adolescent displaying symptoms of depression? Would you like him/her to participate in a treatment study that provides interpersonal psychotherapy and might include antidepressant medication? Our study involves an optional MRI before and after the treatment. If your adolescent is between 12 and 17 years old, call 612-626-7065 to ask about participating in our study!

Anxiety Disorder Research

We are recruiting children and adolescents with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) who are 8-17 years old to participate in a study related to brain imaging. Participants will be compensated. We are also recruiting healthy 8-17 old children and adolescents to participate as control subjects.

Please contact Dr. Gail Bernstein at 612-273-9711 or her project coordinator at 612-672-4265.

Bipolar I Study

  • Do you have Bipolar I Disorder?
  • Do you experience episodes of mania and depression? 

The University of Minnesota and Mayo Medical Center are seeking participants with Bipolar I Disorder for a biobank research study. Compensation will be provided for completion of the study. Individuals ages 18-80 who are interested in learning more about this research opportunity and determining eligibility should email: BipolarBiobank@umn.edu or call: (612) 625-1542 (all calls are confidential).

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